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Further Statements by Adi Da on the Need for a Global Unity-Culture

“I call humankind to transcend both the Alpha strategy and the Omega strategy.” —Avatar Adi Da

Selections from the essay Alpha / Omega by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Since ancient times, humankind has, in various times and places, tended to embrace (or to be dominated by) one or the other of two characteristic approaches to the (apparently) two dimensions of the (Inherently) One and Indivisible Reality. Just so, every individual tends to be involved in a constant struggle between two primary and opposite motives, that correspond to the two characteristic approaches to the (apparently) two dimensions of the One Reality. These two approaches generally correspond to the Oriental (or the Eastern) and the Occidental (or the Western) strategies of culture (although the Oriental tendency can sometimes be found in the traditional West, as, for example, among the more mystically oriented of the ancient Greeks—and the Occidental tendency can sometimes be found in the traditional East, as, for example, among the more practically oriented of the ancient Chinese).

I Call these two efforts or tendencies "the Alpha strategy" and "the Omega strategy".

These two strategic "points of view" are apparently in conflict with one another—and, indeed, historically this has been the case. That conflict is, itself, one of the principal conditional signs of human struggle within the context of conditional Nature. Thus, early human history (and, indeed, the entire history of the total Great Tradition of humankind, previous to My Divine Avataric Appearance here) developed on the basis of a dichotomy (or split) in the human disposition, based on the two natural functional divisions of the human brain (and of the human nervous system). And, on the basis of that split, humankind has developed along two entirely different lines (which may be compared and related to the frontal and spinal lines of the human body-mind-complex), almost as if humankind were composed of two separate species. Therefore, this dichotomy and these two great lines of human development must be "considered" and understood.

When both sides of the traditional dichotomy become conscious of one another, a profound sense of inherent, irreducible, and inevitable conflict may also appear between them. Then humankind seems to be confronted with a choice between two destinies—one Oriental in its conception, and the other Occidental in its conception. Because of the naturally gross (or persistently bodily-based) survival politics of ordinary human culture, it may seem that humankind (as a whole) will always inevitably choose the Omega (or frontal and left-brained, verbal-minded, or rational) path, but it may also seem that humankind (one by one) must (necessarily) choose the Alpha (or spinal and right-brained, non-verbal, or intuitive) path, or else be destroyed by political and cultural conflicts.

. . .[I] forever Call humankind to transcend both the Alpha strategy and the Omega strategy. Neither the one nor the other should be chosen (exclusively). Whether Alpha or Omega, it is the same ego (or “self”-contraction) that makes the path. The same ego turns away from conditional reality and turns toward it. The same ego turns toward "God" (as the however conceived Non-conditional Reality) and turns away from "God" (via the conditional reality). The same ego believes one must turn toward "God" (by minimizing or excluding conditional "experience" and "knowledge") and, otherwise, believes one must turn away from (or even proceed from) "God" and do "God's Work" by maximizing conditional "experience" and "knowledge". It is simply that there are two forms of egoity—the one basically Oriental, and the other basically Occidental.

Reality Itself (or Truth Itself, or Real (Acausal) God) Simply Stands, Eternally Free.

Human beings are inherently one with the "world"-process, or the Unity of all beings and things and events in the cosmic domain. Human beings are only secondarily "knowers about" the "world"-process. Therefore, if human beings adopt a form of relationship to the "world"-process that is founded on separation, observation, and analytical "knowing", rather than on intuitive and compassionately ego-surrendering participation in Unity with the "world"-process, then people will tend (more and more) to interfere (and even lose sympathy) with their own Unity both with the "world"-process and with the Non-conditional, Intrinsically egoless, Perfectly Acausal, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State in Which they (and all, and All) are presently arising.

Indeed, in this "late-time" (or "dark" epoch), such has already occurred. Human beings are now in the midst of a dehumanizing, anti-"religious" (and anti-Spiritual and anti-Transcendental), and even anti-cultural and post-"civilization" technological revolution of the entire order of humankind. The inherently conditional and "point-of-view"-bound "method" that is science is no longer viewed from a right perspective. As a result, the unitive, intuitive, ego-transcending, ecstatic, and participatory culture of humankind is being displaced and prevented by the authoritarian propaganda associated with the "cult" that is scientific materialism.

My Argument is not intended to Call for an end to analytical science. Rather, the Intention of My Argument is to Call for a cultural re-orientation—even of the culture of science itself—to the primary mode of human existence, wherein human beings must constantly transcend themselves and all their conventional "knowledge", by means of surrender into Unity with the "world"-process and with the Intrinsically egoless, Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, Perfectly Acausal, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, Source-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.

It is when individuals surrender separate and separative “self” that they are participating in human well-being and in ego-transcending Spiritual growth in Reality Itself. Only individuals who thus surrender themselves can also apply themselves to the "method" and the data of analytical science without becoming deluded and "Godless". Only when the leaders and the general population of humankind begin to awaken to this understanding will true human culture begin again, free of the tragic pride of unillumined "knowledge", even while also given to "know" and understand all conditionally apparent things.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Aletheon


Selections from the essay The Necessity For A Global Unity-Culture To Replace The Ancient Bi-Polar Culture of Separate West and Separate East by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The "official" disposition promoted in the West is moved toward the "world" itself—and, thus, it is oriented to move into the "world" with a positive will, and to struggle against the "root"-psychological tendency to view the "world" negatively.

The "official" disposition promoted in the East is moved to transcend this "world" with a "world"-renouncing will (or, otherwise, with intrinsically "world"-transcending discriminative intelligence)—and, thus, it is oriented to struggle with (or, otherwise, tacitly renounce) the "root"-psychological tendency to view (and, thereupon, to naively embrace) the world merely positively.

What can be seen in the outward conflicts on Earth today are essentially the artifacts of the two halves (or the two brain-sides) of humankind—as if the brain's two hemispheres were at war with one another. Nevertheless, humankind is no longer of either the West or the East. Rather, now, and forever hereafter, humankind is a global construct (or re-union) of all—and, therefore, every individual, every brain-mind, and every nation and culture must intensively and comprehensively re-adapt to a unified (rather than a bi-polar) global (and, necessarily, cooperative) order.

People today generally no longer represent the "root"-archetypal psychological dispositions that are at the "root" of the ancient great cultural enterprises, East and West. Rather, people today, all over the Earth, are suffering a double-minded brain-confusion of irreducible opposites and unanswered questions. Therefore, unless the "root"-archetypal suppositions, presumptions, and dispositions that anciently divided West from East are actually true of you—such that you are exclusively "self"-identified with either a Western or an Eastern mind (and psyche)—you cannot fulfill either the Western "program" or the Eastern "program" as they were each originally (and separately) proposed.

If you are truly moved to a right "religious" life—or, otherwise, esoteric Spiritual, Transcendental, and Self-Evidently Divine life—you have no choice but to completely inspect your condition of existence. That ordeal is the necessity inherent in the confusion of Western-Eastern mind-brain that is the result of the "modernization" (or the universal cultural face-to-face) of the present-day globalized society of humankind. Therefore, you must grow to understand (and, thereupon, to practice) right "religious" (or, otherwise, esoteric) life in Truth. You must become able to differentiate all your casually generated motivations that reflect archaic conventional (and, thus, inherently bi-polar) concepts, persuasions, and philosophies.

You have casually inherited your presumed Western or Eastern mind, without ever having been a very profound student of it. It all just filtered in, through a little bit of culture-training, a little bit of parental and social influence. Nevertheless, in order to embrace right "religious" practice (or, otherwise, the esoteric Way of Truth Itself, and of Reality Itself), you must (in a truly ego-transcending and "difference"-transcending manner) become responsible for the "religious" (and, altogether, human and egoic) conventions your patterning represents (and would otherwise animate)—and you must do this via a sophisticated and intensive investigation of all your mere ideas, however casual (or, otherwise, intensive) your inheritance of them may have been.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Aletheon

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