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Tacit Certainty of Real God

Real God is not the cause or creator of anything. Real Acausal God is that within which everything is arising.

An essay from The Aletheon by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

It is part of the ego-game to think of “God” as the “First Cause”, or the “Cause” of everything. However, Real God is not the “Cause” of anything.

Real (Acausal) God Is That within Which everything is arising.

Real (Acausal) God Is That Power of egoless Mere Being Which Is Vast, Infinite, and Beyond comprehension—Tacitly, Self-Evidently So.

Real (Acausal) God Is Reality Itself—all-and-All-Including and all-and-All-Transcending.

When you exercise Reality-intelligence, the tacit certainty of Real God is directly and tacitly registered, completely obvious, and (altogether) Self-Evident. In that case, you simply regard all of this conditional arising in the disposition of your tacit certainty, which always “leans” you toward the Reality-Divine. There is much more than that “leaning” to Realize, but tacit certainty of the Self-Evidence of Reality Itself establishes you in the constantly “Godward” disposition. Therefore, you must never forget to exercise the moment to moment disposition in which the Reality-Divine Is Tacitly, Obviously So. You forget to exercise the tacit certainty of Intrinsic Reality-intelligence whenever you identify with the “lower” (or merely superficial) body-mind-“self”. However, when you keep Intrinsic Reality-intelligence constantly alive, and (thus and thereby) keep the heart alive moment to moment, there is always a tacit certainty of egoless Real God—Which Is the Perfect Power of Being, Reality Itself, the Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of all-and-All.

All kinds of ideas are prevalent in the various common institutions of “religion”, and those ideas seem to be about “God”. However, in actuality, those ideas are about humankind, and about maintaining order among humankind—the order associated with civilized living, social life, political authority, the structuring of society. Thus, the concern of conventional “religious” institutions and processes is not Real-God-Realization but social, political, and cultural order.

My Divinely Avatarically Self-Revealed Reality-Teachings are not, in Their fundamentals, about social, political, and cultural order. My Divinely Avatarically Self-Revealed Reality-Teachings Are Direct Self-Revelations of Real-God-Realization. Therefore, My Divinely Avatarically Self-Revealed Reality-Teachings Are a Call for people to enter into the Real-God-Realizing Process. That is another matter altogether than the maintaining of social, political, and cultural order (either principally or for its own sake). Thus and so, the esoteric domain of the Real-God-Realizing Process transcends conventional “religion” of the common institutionalized kind.

Ideas such as “God the Creator”, or “the God of history”, or “the God Who does everything” are institutional ideas associated with conventional (and socially-oriented) “religion”, not Communications from the “Disposition” of Real-God-Realization. Even though conventional ideas about “God” are associated with the “God”-label, such ideas are, in fact, ordinary human ideas.

The idea of the “Creator-God” suggests that “God” is responsible for everything that everybody does and everything that is happening. Real (Acausal) God Is the egoless Being-Force within Which all of this is arising. Therefore, you cannot hold Real (Acausal) God accountable for what you are doing, or for how “things” are happening, or (indeed) for all your trouble here.

Real (Acausal) God Is the Immense Resource, or the Source-Potential, for everything. Therefore, everything arises in and As Real (Acausal) God—but no “thing” or “event” is “caused” by Real (Acausal) God.

You yourself are making the “events” of your life, and always according to your own conclusions—and you yourself are fastening yourself to the limitations you choose. Real (Acausal) God is not responsible for any or all of that. Real (Acausal) God Is the Reality-Way Beyond all of that.

Real (Acausal) God Is That Which you must Intrinsically (or Always Priorly) Self-Realize in order to Be Intrinsically and Perfectly egolessly Liberated from all your apparent limitations.

Real (Acausal) God Is That Force of Being, That Immense Reality-Intelligence, That Incomprehensible Intelligence and egoless Perfect Force That Is the “Being-Reason” Why anything can be at all.

Therefore, Real (Acausal) God Is the Intrinsically Self-Evident Reality-Resort of all-and-All—and the Ultimate Potential and Possibility of all-and-All.

Such Is the True Nature of Real (Acausal) God.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Aletheon